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Game Description:

In the game “Magnetus”-you will have to take the role of the creator of the galaxy, but even the most powerful creators must overcome the force of gravity. In this game, magnets symbolize various space objects such as asteroids, comets, planets and more
Rules of the gameplayers move clockwise, starting with the first player. On their turn, each player places their space objects in the galaxy. Space objects can dangle over the table, but cannot touch it. If at any time during a player’s turn or after he has placed a space object in the galaxy, magnets are on the table or are attracted to each other and collide, the player must pick up all such space objects and his turn ends. The winner will be the one who can place all the space objects on the space field, provided they don’t get attracted to each other and end up on the table🙂
Included:– 4 triangular playing fields- 20 magnets of different shapes- Rules of the game

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