Spooky Game Night: Explore our collection of Halloween games!

We have selected a collection of board games that will plunge you into the dark depths of the holiday! What could be better than an exciting board game? Plunge into the world of mysteries, secrets and otherworldly phenomena, and your Halloween will be at the highest level.

Noir detective: Dark shadows and foggy corners

Noir (NOIR: Deductive Mystery Game) (in Russian)

Plunge into the dark world of noir detective stories, where secrets lurk around every corner and the line between good and evil blurs. Take on the role of an investigator, unravel the evidence and piece together the facts. Will you be able to solve the case and get to the bottom of the truth? This Halloween brings a tense and mysterious atmosphere, perfect for exciting game nights.

Games: Vienna Liaison, Dangerous guests. Who killed Mr. Walton?, MicroMacro. City of Ulik, Письма призрака, Нуар, Мрачные истории, Карманный детектив, Элементарно

Cthulhu: Facing the Ancient Horror

Arkham Horror. Third edition: Secrets of the Order

Plunge into the chilling depths of Lovecraftian horror as you face the cosmic nightmare Cthulhu and his monstrous minions. A world where common sense hangs by a thread and an ancient evil threatens to consume humanity. As an expert, you must gather arcane knowledge, decipher cryptic texts, and confront the unfathomable horrors that lurk in the shadows while maintaining your sanity. Halloween descends into madness and becomes an adventure into the heart of the unknown. Can you survive the horrors of the depths?

Games: Arkham Horror, Cthulhu Munchkin.

Monsters and Fairy Tales: Discover the Van Helsing in You


Sharpen your blades and get ready for the hunt or battle! Enter the realm of fairy tales, where familiar characters and settings take on twisted and whimsical forms. Discover the hidden depths of these seemingly innocent stories, arm yourself with your favorite characters and fight until your last breath! Do you want to become Sherlock or Dracula? What about Little Red Riding Hood or Alice from Wonderland? They are armed to the teeth and dangerous! Or maybe you want to find a monster by following confusing clues? Find his forest lair or prove to everyone that this is not just your fantasy!

Games: Munchkin Vampire, Cryptid, Unmatched

Epidemics and Apocalypse: Fighting Fate

Dead Season. Crossroads

In a post-apocalyptic world gripped by mortal danger, you will have to navigate the ruins of society, make choices between life and death, and fight for survival in the face of chaos and despair. As a survivor, you must make difficult choices, navigate dangerous environments, and make strategic decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones from the looming threat. Cooperate with other survivors or fight for yourself, collect the necessary resources and resist the threat of complete extermination of people.

Games: Dead Season, Pandemic, Pestilence (Utopia), Metro 2033, Zombies in the House

Other worlds and limitless imagination

Evolution of Magical Beasts (Basic Set)

Embark on a journey into strange and wonderful worlds where the laws of physics do not apply and the limits of imagination are limitless. Explore outlandish locations, meet bizarre landscapes, unusual flora and fauna. You will be transported to fairy-tale worlds filled with miracles, secrets and chilling horrors. Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities that open up in these unknown worlds. Whether you create your own stories, interpret mysterious images, or create new fantastical creatures, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery as you uncover the mysteries of the Halloween season.

Games: Fluxx in Wonderland, Imaginarium: Chimera, Potions making. Workshop, Imaginarium. Horror stories, Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park, Monopoly: Rick and Morty, Evolution of Magical Creatures.

So, are you ready to make this Halloween unforgettable? Whether you’re looking for intense noir detective investigations, Cthulhu cosmic horror, adrenaline-pumping battles, intricate stories, challenges of surviving viral outbreaks, or fantastical exploration of other worlds, there’s a Halloween board game to suit your needs! Get into the Halloween spirit, gather your fellow adventurers and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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