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This time, it’s a board game from the well-known Rainer Knizius.

Game Description:

“Portrait of the Emperor”Every year the Emperor strolls through the garden, and artists try their best to capture this event on their canvases. You need to get as close to the Emperor as possible and choose the right angle, but the competition is very high. Rushing with other artists has become a common thing, but colliding with the Emperor is a terrible tactlessness. Only the most dexterous, cunning and agile artist will be able to paint the best portrait and earn the favor of the monarch. The rest will leave with nothing.
“The essence of the game” – You are an artist, and your goal is to be closest to the Emperor at the moment when he stops to admire the cherry blossoms. The Emperor rewards the luckiest ones with favor tokens: the player with the most tokens at the end of the game will be the winner. In this case, you need to be careful not to disturb the ruler.
“Game process”- Each round, players simultaneously select one card, which indicates how the Emperor and the artists will move. These same cards will make it possible to disrupt your opponents’ plans. Be careful and take your time: the Emperor may slow down to look around, or even walk backwards.Game time, min : 30 –40Number of players: 2 – 6

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