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Take advantage of a huge discount! As much as 30%! On the board game “Moose Squeeze.”

Game Description:

A fun board game for speed and attention!

“Moose Press!” develops color and shape perception, observation and reaction. Simple, but at the same time gambling process of collecting a variety of objects will not leave any player indifferent. The game is suitable for any company and does not require hours of studying the rules. Perfect if you’ve played Wild Jungle, Gobbit, or Dobble before.

The box contains everything you need for an exciting process: 45 double-sided tokens with different objects, 56 double-sided cards to search for the desired object, game rules and convenient bags for compact storage.

So how do you play Squeeze Moose? Simple!

1. Open the card

2. Find the object from the card on the table

3. Get him the fastest

4. If necessary, CLICK the moose!

The one who manages to collect 7 objects the fastest is the winner. But that’s not all, because the rules provide different game modes, which will allow you to look at the process in a new way.

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