Enter the world of role-playing games: Starfinder, Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu

What are role-playing games?

Role-playing games are a unique subset of tabletop games that emphasize storytelling and character immersion. They are typically led by a game master (“GM”), who creates and describes the game world, non-player characters (“NPCs”), and scenarios. Players take on the roles of characters they have created with unique abilities, skills and personalities. By joint efforts, they solve tasks, complete quests and defeat opponents. Their joint decisions form the plot, turning it into a unique story. The outcome of actions is often determined by throwing dice, which introduces an element of randomness and unpredictability. Role-playing games are held in a variety of settings – from fairy-tale worlds to space arenas and modern cities.

How to play

First, you choose a system (for example, Starfinder, Shadowrun, or Call of Cthulhu). One player becomes the GM and manages the game world, leads the narrative and plays for the NPC, the rest, following the rules of the chosen system, create their own characters. During the game, you solve situations and fight according to the rules established by the system. Of course, this is not mandatory, but you can play out the decisions, interactions and reactions of your character, staying true to his character. This significantly increases the level of immersion in the game. And finally, enjoy the unfolding plot as the GM creates an exciting story.

What people like in role-playing games

What people like in role-playing games Some people like being able to get creative with creating their own characters. Others like to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The third likes the social aspect – playing with friends and creating a legend together. In addition, role-playing games provide freedom of decisions and actions, which I cannot compare with any other game. First, you will ask the question “Can I do it?”, and later – “How can I do it?”.

Introduction to three unique systems of role-playing games

1. Starfinder: Set in a futuristic space universe, Starfinder invites players to explore space, fly starships, and engage in thrilling battles. Thanks to a rich combination of science fiction and fantasy, this system is a fantastic choice for high-tech space enthusiasts.

2. Shadowrun: Shadowrun seamlessly blends elements of cyberpunk and fantasy to create a world where magic and cutting-edge technology coexist. Players take on the role of shadowrunners – mercenaries navigating a dystopian future where they have to act with great caution in order to survive.

3. Call of Cthulhu: Based on the works of GP Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu invites players to immerse themselves in the world of cosmic horror. Explore ancient mysteries and uncover ancient secrets as you fight an inexorable descent into madness.

Comparison of three systems

Setting: Starfinder takes place in a futuristic space universe, Shadowrun combines cyberpunk and fantasy, and Call of Cthulhu is steeped in cosmic horror and mysticism.

Gameplay: Starfinder emphasizes space exploration and combat, Shadowrun focuses on completing missions such as heists and infiltrations and corporate intrigue, and Call of Cthulhu focuses on investigation, psychological horror, and character development.

Difficulty: Starfinder uses a d20 system similar to Dungeons & Dragons and is a good choice for players just getting started with role-playing games, as the rules are relatively easy to learn. Call of Cthulhu has a medium level of complexity and uses the d100 system, which focuses on role-playing and investigation. Shadowrun is a good choice for players who want to challenge themselves, as its rules are more complex than those of Starfinder or Call of Cthulhu. It uses the d6 system, which is fast-paced and deadly.

Kits for beginners: The ideal starting point

All three of the listed role-playing systems offer sets for beginners, which are an excellent opportunity for beginners to get acquainted with the mechanics and plot aspects of the game. They include everything you need to start the game!

Sets for beginners allow you to reduce the often confusing rules of role-playing systems to clear mechanics. For new players and GMs, this means a gradual familiarization with basic concepts without being overwhelmed by a full set of rules.

The game includes pre-generated characters with biographies and abilities. This saves players from the need to immediately start creating characters, which makes it easier to start the game. But if you want to create your own adventure seeker, there are rules and tips for this in the starter kit.

In addition, the starter kits include a simplified adventure that allows players to get used to the world. These adventures are designed to gradually teach the mechanics to help players get used to the game.

And most importantly, they contain detailed recommendations for the GM, which gives an idea of how to conduct the game, control the narrative and adjust to the players’ choices. This invaluable manual makes GM’s work much more convenient.

В заключение следует отметить, что ролевые игры предоставляют ни с чем не сравнимую возможность погрузиться в мир фантазии, сюжета и приключений. Do you want to go on a space adventure and discover new worlds with Starfinder? Or plunge into corporate intrigue and espionage together with Shadowrun? А может быть, мрачные и леденящие душу расследования лавкрафтианской Call of Cthulhu подойдут вам лучше? Choose your path and discover the exciting world of role-playing games with the help of our starter sets. Eliminating the initial difficulties that often arise when getting acquainted with role-playing games, these sets allow beginners to focus on what really matters: adventure, friendship, and the exciting process of joint storytelling. So, if you have ever thought about plunging into the world of role-playing games, don’t hesitate to purchase the starter kit – your interesting adventure awaits you!

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