Board game “Zombies in the House” with a 25% discount!

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“Zombies in the House. Infestation”In front of you a newer, stylish and colorful version of the game “Zombies in the House” with new rules and components.

Game description:

“The essence of the game– Eachturn you spin a turntable, which shows you a certain number of steps on the field, on which the tokens are placed (shirt up, as it turned out). As soon as you stop, open the token, there may be a lot of interesting things there. The juiciest and freshest (although, most likely, no longer) are zombies. If you come across your friendly neighborhood zombie clown man, then you spin the spinner again. You can run away, fight (if you have a weapon) and get bitten. It is enough to poke a zombie with something once – then he will die and take your weapon with him – that’s what it is, disposable. There are still a bunch of interesting tokens – weapons, first aid kits and even energy drinks – to go two more squares.
“Game process”If a zombie bites you too many times and those wounds are incompatible with life, then you… become a zombie! Each turn you choose any zombie from those whose figures are already on the field, and walk across the field. You can try to break through the door to get to the frightened guests of the hut, or attack him and he will have to fight you. If the players’ task is to get into the car with the keys and gasoline and drive off into the sunset, then yours is to prevent this from happening and stay happily living in this hut in the form of a zombie.Game time, min: 30 – 60By number of players: 2 – 4

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