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“Power Theory”chaos reigns on the spaceship. No communication with the outside world. The passengers are ready to pounce and tear each other apart. It is only in your power to take control of the lost ship and prevent the crew from being killed
Rules of the game – in the game you need to establish control of the ship. You’re going to need help. To win, be the first to collect eight side passengers. Recruit supporters for valuable resources and poach them from your rivals. Supporters’ special skills will help you win faster. They must be combined effectively with each other to achieve victory4 asymmetrical factions, 2 secret communities and 8 strong leaders create high replayability. There is no single winning strategy, win in different ways
Gain and maintain power on the ship:– build the interaction of supporters;- predict the actions of opponents;- use every move effectively.Become the best! 🙂 🙂

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