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Game Description:

Truth or Dare is a game that will rock any party! Thinking of ways to have fun at the bar or at home with friends? Tired of just drinking beer and discussing the same topics? Play our game and you’re guaranteed a night to remember. Choosing “Truth” you will have to answer one of the tricky questions honestly. And if you choose “Case” you’ll have to fulfill the terms of the assignment. But fear not, it’s done in a way that makes it fun for everyone. Try it!
The rules of the game are you take turns asking each other “Truth or Dare?”. If you chose “Business” – pull the stick and perform the task from its yellow side. “Truth” – you need to answer the question on the pink side. You cannot select the same task more than twice in a row. You have the right to refuse any assignment or answer to a question, but no more than twice per game. Treat everything with humor – the main purpose of the game: to entertain you. Don’t fight it 🙂

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