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King of Cube

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"In the board game King of Cube from Plasmart you have to think on several planes at once! There are practically no boundaries on this playing field - walk in any direction, simultaneously eliminating your opponents from the battle for victory. Test your attention and strategic thinking in an unusual competition! During the game, children train attention, observation, spatial thinking, the ability to think ahead and calculate moves. Buy the King of Cube game ahead of your party to surprise your guests with a fun competition!"


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"Minus-Plusus" is a board game. Just 10 cubes and interesting gameplay will help you learn the elementary school math curriculum. Roll the dice, solve examples and develop! Plus-Minus is a worthy representative of an educational series of games in which children and teenagers will study the elementary school mathematics curriculum. Knowledge is acquired quickly through simple and interesting gameplay."

Miracle watch

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“The miracle watch game will help introduce a child to watches and teach him to recognize the time using a clock. The game is a wooden clock with rotating hands for learning time. The numbers are written on inserts that can be removed from the dial. All inserts have different shapes and colors. With kids you can use the watch as an insert frame. The child’s task is to choose its own recess for each insert. During the game, you can explain to older children the meaning of the numbers on the inserts. To consolidate knowledge about time, the included cubes are used: hours are written on one cube, minutes on the other. The child throws the dice and must set the appropriate time on the clock."