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8Bit Box (RU)

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8Bit Box features unique design and gameplay inspired by retro video games. In one box you will receive a full-fledged


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What kind of farce is going on in the shopping center?! Why are all the shoppers rushing back and forth, knocking each other down and grabbing the first items they come across in stores? Has a war or a zombie apocalypse really begun?! No matter how it is. Everything is much more dangerous - the discount season has begun! This means that you, along with other visitors to the shopping center, are entering into a real shopping race. And the winner will be not the one who runs the fastest, but the one who thinks the fastest. Buy it! - is a thoughtful and interesting game for the whole family that develops planning and strategic thinking skills. The rotating arrow will become your only navigator and assistant throughout the game, everything else rests solely on your shoulders.

Fireball Island: Проклятие острова Вул-Кар (RU)

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Переиздание великой классики настольных игр – игры Fireball Island 1986 года. В этой необычной игре Вы будете исследовать остров, делать