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Fireball Island: Проклятие острова Вул-Кар (RU)

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Переиздание великой классики настольных игр – игры Fireball Island 1986 года. В этой необычной игре Вы будете исследовать остров, делать

Illustrations (UA)

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"It's a quick family game with very simple rules. Form an image on a secret card with one set of components or a set of strings, colored cubes, icon cards, sticks and stones, or building blocks in such a way that other players will guess what you have depicted. Players receive points for correctly guessing other players' pictures and for having other players guess their picture. The player with the most points wins!"

Зельеварение. Базовый набор “Практикум” (RU)

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Знаете ли Вы, как получить Великий Эликсир Могущества? Нужно смешать Эликсир Силы и Эликсир Тайного Зрения. Но чтобы создать их,

Камисадо (RU)

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Камисадо – занимательная игра для двоих. Цель игры проста – довести своего монаха на противоположный край поля. Правила тоже просты


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"Территория» — захватывающая, но простая стратегическая игра. Вам предстоит создать свой заповедник и заселить его разнообразными дикими животными, отгораживая растениями одни виды от других. Чем многочисленнее или диковиннее группа животных, тем выше ее стоимость. Как обычно, побеждает тот, кто набрал наибольшее количество очков. В «Территории» совершенно фееричные животные. Их появление на нашей планете покрыто тайной. Возможно, они прибыли к нам из другой галактики, а может быть, — из далекого прошлого. Или есть еще какая-то легенда их возникновения? Как думаете?"


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"The weather is beautiful outside. All sorts of living creatures got out to bask in the sun, while there is such a possibility. Various insects, including butterflies, bees and ladybugs, fly calmly and enjoy their freedom. The main thing is not to fall into the clutches of an evil spider who wants to catch everyone. It constantly randomly selects its prey and then tries to catch it quickly. Only their extreme instant reaction in the board game Insects can save the unfortunate bugs. You'll have to act as fast as possible if you don't want the spider to catch your butterfly! Insects is a very fast reaction board game for children, in which one player will catch bugs while the others try to save them. In the board game Insects, everything goes as quickly as possible, because you have to instantly react to the result on the dice. You don't want your bug to fall into the spider's legs, do you? But he, in turn, really wants to catch someone, so you are waiting for a real duel with excellent game components. Children love this kind of entertainment, and the development of reaction is priceless. Children will grow up one day, so the difficulty must be increased! To do this, there is a board game called Wild Jungle, where you will need to monitor the appearance of identical symbols. And there are dozens of them, and they are all so similar... We can promise that the excitement will awaken in players of all ages!"